Haole, Y'all! is all about promoting aloha on the Mainland.
Try go slower. Enjoy the good life.

About Me
My name is Mandy, and I am a recovering haole. I was born-n-raised in Texas, but have traveled with my ukuleles around the world and back.

About the Grindz
Haole, Y'all sources as locally and organically (non-GMO) as possible, making food that is so good you will want to stop, take a breath, and give thanks for all the ingredients that went into it.

About the Ukuleles
After working under one of the top luthiers in Hawaii, I moved to Austin where I worked at Austin's best acoustic strings shop with some of the finest luthiers.  

Each ukulele is built and set up for optimal playability and tone.  Custom woodburned designs are a symbol of the mana behind the instrument.

Top back and sides are made from laminated Sapele and Basswood
Necks are Gaboon
Bridges are Indian Rosewood
Fingerboards are Indian Ebony
Each ukulele is given a custom setup and woodburned on the top, back, sides and headstock
Finishes vary, but most come with a high gloss laquer finish and (upon request) transluscent ink